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Re: I need some help, my computer has been taken over

Go to Microsoft's site and find their program called "Process Explorer" (which they got from Sys Internals) Process Explorer is a better version of Task Manager. Start it up and scroll down to the bottom of the list, these are programs that are user run (in a sense). The programs should show where a file is running from and who the maker is. Ignore the Microsoft ones and any others that sound familiar, the ones with no Description need a closer look and are usually purple in color. Hover over a process and it will show you where the file is (usually something like c:\windows\skjlfdjlask.exe) and write down the path. Right-click the name of the program, and select "Kill Process", then go to the directory and find the file. Don't delete it yet, just rename it to skjlfdjlask.exe.OLD (or whatever, just incase it is a file that actually needs to be there) and restart the computer. If the virus/malware doesn't come back, run a virus/malware scanner (I LOVE Malwarebyte's) and it should get rid of it, or delete the file by hand.
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