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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

The main reason I got the iPad was to be a e-reader. I have read two books on it and I love it. I have used the Kindle and the Nook and I think the iPad is more akin to reading a book then either of the other two. Both the Kindle and Nook are dark, the iPad is far brighter and whiter.

I never said that the iPad would completely replace a laptop but it comes damn close. Remember people thought laptops would replace desktops, that still has not happen but is coming closer to being a reality. So you have to look at the iPad the same way you looked at laptops in the beginning. The iPad will have multi-tasking come this fall, so when it does what will people change their complaints to? Not trying to be argumentative but actually want to have a discussion what you think its limitations are. I'm also not trying to pursue you. If you have made up your mind. However some people maybe on the fence and I want to give them two views. Also have you actually used a iPad yet? I have found most people who criticize it, have not actually tried one. I think you really need to use one to understand what it really is. Anyone who dismisses it as being a large iPod Touch or iPhone I know have not used it.
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