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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

My wife got the iPad on launch day and I got the 3G so I have to wait to get mine. However in using my wife's I can tell you this. Their is no better way to surf the internet then on the iPad. No squinting to look at things like on the iPhone. The pages launch quickly, so much faster then on the iPhone. On a laptop or netbook, you need to power on and wait to boot. On the iPad, just like the iPhone, you click the on button. Launch the browser and boom your on the internet. I really like the mail app as well, I love reading e-mail on this thing. My wife travels a lot for work and uses her laptop for powerpoint presentations, the iPad has replaced her laptop for most things. So instead of lugging her laptop around, she carries the iPad. Is it a total laptop replacer, no. However for most things it can.

What I think make the iPad great is that its so personal. I'm talking about your relationship with it. When you use a laptop, it is so far away. Even if you have it on your lap. The iPad is close, like your iPhone but with a screen size almost that of a laptop.
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