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Re: Watching Farscape lately...

Lindley wrote: View Post
It's in the Deleted Scenes section. Is that the only time they reference a deleted scene in a Previously On?
It's the only time I've ever noticed it. If they did it elsewhere it was far more subtly done.
Scotty wrote: View Post
Farscape is one of few shows, on which I could tell if I would like an episode just by finding out who had written it. I pretty much dislike all episodes written by Justin Monjo (Taking The Stone, The Locket, The choice) but everything by Kemper, Manning or Shankar was pure gold!
That's a compelling point. I didn't know Monjo was responsible for all three episodes, though they're ones I dislike for varying reasons (now that I think of it, they're all on the soapish sentimental side, ain't they? Woe is me, wah wah wah.)
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