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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

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I agree. But I figured Real Life would win this week, so apparently Sykonee as a different taste then me.
It was gunning for a win for most of the episode, heck even right up to the end. Once it was over, however, I had a chance to reflect on it and realized, for as emotionally invested Doc was in his 'family', what it ultimately boiled down to was he was just playing an elaborate version of Sim Family. He started on Beginner's Level, then B'Elanna forced him to play Extreme Level, which he 'lost' when his 'daughter' dies. And as a viewer, I feel the resulting drama is therefore a cheat, no matter how heartfelt it is. I mean, what's to stop him from restarting the simulation on Intermediate Level (which would probably have been a more realistic portrayal of family life anyway) and trying again?

Week 27: (Ending 05.04.97)
DS9 - Soldiers Of The Empire (04.28.97)
VOY - Distant Origin (04.30.97)
B5 - Lines Of Communication (05.01.97)

Why did they have to go and say the Voth evolved on Earth and then left for space? Why not just say aliens took 'em away when they saw the planet was suffering a catastrophe, and then they evolved elsewhere? Works for me! Ah, I'll just go ahead and believe that, and that their original conclusion was faulty. Besides, it's not really what the episode is about, is it?

Dinosaur origins aside, darn near everything else in this episode works! Fresh take on episode format (we don't even see the crew until the second act), great guest actors, great alien designs, great continuity, great costumes, great sociological quandary, great direction, great hair, great eyes, great body, great... sorry, I was focusing on Jennifer Lien for a bit there again.

DS9 and B5 were alright this week too, but aside from some fun Klingon scenes in Soldiers and Delenn kicking serious Drakh ass near the end of Lines, both shows seemed to be going through their paces: DS9 doing a standard "Worf Sacrifices To Do The Right Thing" episode (though he gets a reward for his troubles this time), and B5 moving more Arc Plot along. Hm, might it be neither wanted to send competition against VOY this week? Or maybe they're just saving something bigger for down the road?

Weekly Winner

DS9 - Children Of Time
VOY - Displaced
B5 - Conflicts Of Interest
DS9 Versus
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