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Re: Watching Farscape lately...

OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
You just have to remember to take the good with the bad. When the show was firing on all cylinders it was some of the best damn tv anyone has ever made.
Yep. No show appeals to everyone but more than most Farscape is not for everyone. When it was poor it was horrible; when it was great it touched heights few other shows have even approached, let alone equalled.

Scotty wrote: View Post
I pretty much dislike all episodes written by Justin Monjo (Taking The Stone, The Locket, The choice) but everything by Kemper, Manning or Shankar was pure gold!
No argument on the latter, but in one of those "to each their own" things I have to say I don't dislike any Monjo episode. In fact, while "Taking the Stone" is so-so and "The Locket" is pretty damned decent for a mushy-gushy type of episode (the type which I usually find repellent), "The Choice" is probably my favourite episode of the entire series.
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