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Re: I need some help, my computer has been taken over

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malwarebytes is good, I also recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, which is totally free and has an amazing detection/removal rate.
Yeah that's good stuff. I run Malwarebytes and Security Essentials.

A recent attack I had did the fake scan thing and then through the fake scan tried to tell me that Malwarebytes was a virus and "click yes to delete." Of course I said no. I downloaded Security Essentials which blocked the malware/virus from stopping me from using Malwarebytes. Ran Malwarebytes and was finally clean.

These fake security things are becoming rather common. It's horrible stuff. You can get it from just clicking a link to an infected site. I got it once from going to a fake sports site a person linked to on another message board and the second time I got it by going to a site to illegally watch episodes of The Simpsons. They look like normal websites and then suddenly your computer starts going nuts!
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