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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

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I think what we really missed out on was a worthy Star Trek The Next Generation film. There was more evidence of ambition and creativity in the episode Yesterday's Enterprise than in all of the four films combined. They should have been able to transport the drama and the intelligence of the series into a two and a half hour long space epic.
Well said. While I think that some of the people involved in the Next Gen. films did the best job that they could, under the circumstances, I still find all of the films to be lacking. Even the often-mentioned First Contact, which while having a great soundtrack, could have been much more.

I still think that Star Trek, at the point that the TNG films were being produced, was completely straightjacketed as a huge and successful franchise and cash-cow. And one where everything had to be micro-managed, most notably the scripts.
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