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Re: Poll : Which Reality will the show end on?

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Did they say timeline and not reality? If so, that could be an important distinction.
I don't remember for sure, but I think the exact words they used were "alternate universe."

If the flashsideways are the future of a single timeline, then why don't people recognize the famous original survivors of Flight 815? Maybe the characters get amnesia in the final ep, but the whole world can't get amnesia.
I don't know what happens to cause the underwater island sideways world -- whatever it is -- but I have a feeling they've set up all the clues we need in this season's episodes and they're going to pull a big surprise ending like they did with last season. At the end of "The Incident," once it was clear Locke was dead, we could go back and rewatch the season and see all the clues we might have missed that screamed out that Locke wasn't really Locke. I think they're going to do something similar in this season's finale. Once it's revealed what the sideways stuff actually is, we're going to have an "of course," moment.
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