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Re: Star Trek: Unspoken Truth - Discussion (Spoilers)

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I was really looking forward to this book --MWB is one of my favourite Trek authors. However, I have given up on the book 100 pages from the end (I can't even remember the last time I gave up on a book).

I just can't force myself to read any further. I am an intelligent person with several university degrees, but I found this book (particulalry the second half) to be confusing and frustrating. When Saavik isn't collapsing and waking up on a different planet, she is engaged in activities which defy logic and are not adequately explained by the author. I couldn't even keep some of the characters straight!

This novel is a mess and a severe disappointment.
I did force myself to finish it, expecting all the threads to come together somehow at the end to my satisfaction.

She tried. They didn't.

I enjoyed Saavik's Starfleet mission, shipmates, captain, and the first contact. After that...

I was disappointed in this novel as well. A fellow TrekLit friend asked me in one word what I thought of the book. I said, "convoluted."

I could write my reasons for disliking the book in more detail, but Thrawn, Steve Roby, and KingstonTrekker summed it up pretty well.
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