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Re: Watching Farscape lately...

Watching Farscape was an aggravating experience, that's for sure. But in these dreadful days of space opera drought, I would love to have a show like that back on TV. I particularly miss Ben Browder and the way they never really resolved the Nebari plotline!
preferring the hopelessly inferior Enterprise
I wish that was back, too! I wouldn't even care if we got ANiS and Space Nazi crap.

Speaking of which, it might be just me, but it feels like the plots are getting harder to follow, not just strange but outright inconprehensible.
Farscape did have a tendency to drop you into episodes in a way that made you feel like you missed the first 15 minutes, and I usually had to consult threads in this forum for explanations of key points I'd forgotten in the storyline.
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