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Re: Watching Farscape lately...

I've been watching through for the last few months. I've approaching the mid-point of Season 4, and I have to say, after really enjoying most of the third season, I think I've OD'ed on Farscape. I'm forcing myself to get through the rest of the episodes before I have to return the DVDs. After a season all about altering the shows dynamics, it seems to have gone back to the same place it was before. This non-romance/pregnancy plotline between Aeryn and Crichton is dragging on interminably. Sikozu is a poor replacement for Jewel, not bringing anything to the show except for her curious hero-worship of Scorpius (who, himself, isn't living up to the potential that the 'Scorpius aboard Moya' idea initially seemed to have). Tormented Space seems like a futile attempt to create anxiety about the setting, since the stories so far are no different from any of the usual weirdness-of-the-week plots. Speaking of which, it might be just me, but it feels like the plots are getting harder to follow, not just strange but outright inconprehensible. And there's no sense of where all this is going, with occasional reminders that Greyza and the Scarrans are out there but no real evolution on that front either. Last two seasons, at the midpoint, they delivered a great serialized story that kicked the arcs into gear; I'm dearly hoping that will be the case again, because I'm running out of interest in the current meandering.

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