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Re: Sonya Walger: Genre babe of the week #11 (April 2010)

RobertScorpio wrote: View Post
What she has over most of these women is an ability to act.
Extra points!! Damn almost missed some of these babes. In my haste I must have shotgun blasted Aragorn and must have accidentally putting him on ignore, usually I only hit the Craprica/Battlestar/Dollhouse fanatics Unless he really is a Dollhouse/Craprica fanatic? Even so all is forgiven, I can never hold a grudge against anyone running a Genre Babe thread
Othello wrote: View Post
Thumbs way up. Sheesh.. the people on this board have a serious deficiency in their taste of women.
Some funny ones get through At times I've seen the ugly chick next door get +90% thumbs up Then an all round babe score 50% I guess some people are picky or its just we're getting older?
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