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Re: I just had a Firefly/Serenity Marathon

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In my experience, it generally goes like this. You watch the pilot, and go, "Huh. That was pretty okay, I guess." A few weeks later, you're bored, so you watch "The Train Job." Again, sort of "eh." Then you watch "Bushwacked" maybe a week later. A couple days after that comes "Shindig," and then you figure, well, the disc is already in the player, so you do "Safe," too. Another day or two later, you give "Our Mrs. Reynolds" a try, and then you're hooked and watching as much as you can as quick as you can and are shaking and crying like a junkie in withdrawal by the time it's over.

So anyone who gives up on the show within the first three episodes isn't necessarily suffering from a criminal lack of taste.
Wow, that's a bit eerie how spot on you are about my reaction to the show. It never really won me over and hooked me until "Our Mrs. Reynolds", but even after that there were some episodes that bored me. I found some of the early episodes really hard to get through due to was a very inconsistent show. As for the meaningless deaths in "Serenity", one of them didn't bother me because the character was hardly in the movie anyway, so the rest of the movie pretty much demonstrates how fine everything can go without him.

The other was just a cheap, totally unnecessary Joss Whedon shock tactic that I'm completely sick of at this point. I think "Dollhouse" and "Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog" were what made me realize how much Whedon uses that as a crutch to manufacture more suspense and made me officially fed up. It's pathetic now. Even in a comedic webfilm he has to kill off a major character. Ridiculous. It was awesome all those years ago in "Passion" and "The Body", but even on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" I thought a lot of sudden character deaths were stupid.
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