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Watching Farscape lately...

[SIZE=2]Back in the day when I was a hopeless Trekkie there wasn't any room in my heart for another good sci-fi show. I remember bashing the hell out of Farscape when it aired, preferring the hopelessly inferior Enterprise at the time over David Kemper and Brian Henson's brilliant show. Now the sight of Scott Bakula pacing up and down his ready room is more than enough for me to switch the tv off.

When the price of A&E's complete Farscape DVD set dropped to 70 dollars, I immediately ordered it. I'm now rewatching the show from the beginning and am nearing the end of season 2. Oh, what a brilliant, adventurous, groundbraking and deliriously silly sci-fi show Farscape is! I love rewatching it. I haven't seen some of the episodes since they first aired.

Having said that, I still feel, as I did all those years ago that when Farscape worked, it worked and when it didn't, it didn't. Some of the early season 2 episodes are just painfully bad (Taking The Stone anyone?). But I just watched the Look At The Princess trilogy and it shows what fantastic television farscape could be. More importantly, the show still holds up after all these years.

Anyone else watch Farscape lately?
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