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Re: I just had a Firefly/Serenity Marathon

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My wife and I rented the entire series and enjoyed it. We also saw the movie back when it first came out- before we watched the show. It was enjoyable but watching the series definitely helped me understand it better. We're fans of Whedon's work in general (Buffy, Angel), so it was pretty easy to get into. We were definitely bummed out that we ran out of episodes to watch so soon. My favorite episodes were "Ariel", "Out of Gas," and "Objects in Space" although nearly episode had some nice touches that made it at least somewhat enjoyable. Whedon shows tend to have just the right balance of action, comedy, drama and Firefly was no exception. It was interesting to watch a sci-fi show that might as well have been what a Star Wars show might look like if it were about Han Solo and his adventures before he joined the rebellion against the Empire. It's unfortunate that since Buffy, Whedon's shows haven't been quite as (commercially) successful.
"Out of Gas" and "Objects in Space" are among my favorite to, the first episode because it's a good episode about Mal and background on the ship and Mal's reasoning for getting the ship (the ending was just awesome). The later, is because it was a good episode about River and how the crew actually feel about the Tams

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That part was hilarious because I absolutely did not see it coming.
Yeah that was great
There were a lot of scenes like that in the show, which made it fun to watch. I also liked the scene on that one episode where Mal was struggling with Nishka (?)- that guy who was torturing Mal and Wash- and when his crew launched a rescue attempt, Zoe initially told everybody to hang back because Mal didn't need any help and he quickly yelled out that he did and his crew rushed to his rescue.
I also liked the scene at the end of "Ariel" when he "lectured" Jayne about his actions on Ariel (his attempt to turn in Simon and River that nearly ruined their plans).
Yes, the part where he said he does want help was pretty funny, and is an example of the humor behind the show (which is one of the reasons it was so popular, IMO).

I love this show, but I just can't bring myself to watch it all the time, probably because there's only a few episodes and there are moments in several episodes that I just...I am just not happy with what happened for one reason or another, I am almost disappointed with what happened, but that's normal I guess. Overall, it's a great series, and I wish it had gotten more then the 13/14 episodes it had.
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