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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

The TNG movies made the huge mistake of not being FUN, which the exception of First Contact.

The problem is that TPTB, whether that is Berman/Braga, or whoever it was, confused "fun" with slapstick comedy, which is what we got in every TNG movie except Nemesis. Yet these bouts of comedic slapstick are juxtapositioned with serious scenes that are supposed to be emotional of a deeper level, like the death of Kirk. I want to strangle someone everytime I remember that Kirk died, and in the next scene, Data's cat is alive, and Data is crying, because you know, the furball is alive (all playing to the emotion chip that gave us "Mr. Tricorder").

Star Trek 2009 admittedly had huge flaws (The complete destruction of Vulcan for one), but for the average movie goer, it was FUN. The TOS movies (with the possible exception of TMP) were all FUN.
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