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Re: I just had a Firefly/Serenity Marathon

My wife and I rented the entire series and enjoyed it. We also saw the movie back when it first came out- before we watched the show. It was enjoyable but watching the series definitely helped me understand it better. We're fans of Whedon's work in general (Buffy, Angel), so it was pretty easy to get into. We were definitely bummed out that we ran out of episodes to watch so soon. My favorite episodes were "Ariel", "Out of Gas," and "Objects in Space" although nearly episode had some nice touches that made it at least somewhat enjoyable. Whedon shows tend to have just the right balance of action, comedy, drama and Firefly was no exception. It was interesting to watch a sci-fi show that might as well have been what a Star Wars show might look like if it were about Han Solo and his adventures before he joined the rebellion against the Empire. It's unfortunate that since Buffy, Whedon's shows haven't been quite as (commercially) successful.
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