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Re: Guy in Gown

^That's a picture of a woman in a dress uniform ironically enough. Do you think she wears that while she's piloting an F-18? Or parachutes wearing that?

Since the notion of certain things being less practical to wear than others for certain types of jobs seems so... foreign, let me put this way to further reiterate that this has nothing to do with how overwhelmingly stupid the Skant Uniform looked but has everything to do with how impractical it was and silly due to the fact.

I would never put on a pair of Jenco's ( and go mountain biking. "Why Withers? That seems perfectly reasonable!" Well, it isn't. The extra baggy pants could easily get caught in the chain of my bike or the spokes on its tires causing a crash that might easily result in serious injury. Wearing such a thing would be a hazard not only to me but to potentially anyone else I was with. When it would be so much easier to put on a more appropriate and safe thing to go mountain biking in, why would I run the risk of wearing a pair of Jenco's?

I wouldn't.

"But the Greeks and Romans wore skirts and they fought in Gladiatorial arenas!" Well, they hadn't invented pants. Nomadic Iranian horseman came up with the idea of trousers sometime later. If I went up to a Gladiator and said "Hey buddy, you can keep wearing that skirt or you can wear these pants that cover your legs and offer at least some minimal protection as opposed to bare flesh," what do you think he'd say?

That's all to say nothing of the fact that pointing at an ancient civilization and saying "They did it! Why wouldn't people in the 24th century do it," it tantamount to "He get's to why not me!" I'm not entirely certain about this but I think a lot of practices utilized by the Greeks and Romans fell by the wayside between BC and the 24th century in favor of more practical solutions.

It boils down to the fact that this isn't about fashion or twenty first century viewpoints on men wearing skirts. It's about functionality (and I guess I should say just to make it clear- it was as stupid for Dianna and Tasha to sport the skant as it was for a guy to do so.) On a Starship (even the pleasure craft Enterprise-D) the notion that one could easily be in dangerous situations where debris and explosions wouldn't be at all unheard of yet still be expected to wear a skirt is unreasonable.

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