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Re: Poll : Which Reality will the show end on?

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The Jack in the alternate universe is NOT the same character as the Jack in the island universe.
Not according to the producers. Lindelof and Cuse have said unambiguously that the flash sideways are not an alternate timeline in any sense, and the characters are the same characters. Beyond that, we can still only speculate. I'm still clinging to the theory that the flash-sideways are going to happen as a result of whatever happens in the finale, so we're actually seeing flash forwards.

To me it's a mistake that shouldn't have happened that needs to be corrected. A convergence of the timelines would be one thing, but I don't want the island versions of these characters to disappear, die, or whatever.
My feeling is that everyone's going to die and no one's going to have a happy ending on the island, and the only happy endings are going to be in the flash sideways.
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