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Re: Poll : Which Reality will the show end on?

I wouldn't want the alternate reality to win out because, in my opinion, the alternate versions of the characters are "different" from the island versions of these characters that we've been following for the past 6 seasons. The Jack in the alternate universe is NOT the same character as the Jack in the island universe. Their backstories are all different. They haven't led the same lives. Their circumstances are not the same. We've spent so much time learning about who our island characters were before the island - so much time was invested in their flashbacks. I feel more connected to the island versions of these characters. I don't feel the same way about the alternate universe. To me it's a mistake that shouldn't have happened that needs to be corrected. A convergence of the timelines would be one thing, but I don't want the island versions of these characters to disappear, die, or whatever.
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