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Re: USS Defiant, NCC-1764-A

judexavier wrote: View Post
Nice. I know it's just a WIP stage, but I always found this smooth semi-gloss base texture look attractive!
I was curious as to what you have in mind for that forward vertical portion of the dorsal, where the torpedo housing was originally?

Here's what I think you should do:

>Make the nacelles much bigger, and the accentuate cowlings...perhaps add some dramatic "shark-gill-slits" to their lower edge.
>Move the secondary hull radically forward, flatten it, and build a long, continuous curve from the saucer to the shuttle bay. Also,
radically increase the size of the ventral cut-out.
>Move the pylons back to the extreme rear, and give them a dramatic sweep and arch profile.
>Make the ship larger
>Use the TMP saucer

OK, I'm joking I have to work today unexpectedly, so I'm trying to build up a sense of humor and good attitude

Anyway, as always, great work, can't wait to see more.
Good one. I was waiting for that. Thinking of the secondary hull "jutting out radically forward" on the new Enterprise, it really doesn't, if you use the TOS E for reference. I think the Original TOS E sticks out farther, including the dish...

I haven't decided yet if I will have a physical dish on this one, or the glowing area like the TMP ship. I'm leaning towards a dish...

About the vertical spot on the Neck... It'll probably go away. I was just using stand-ins from my original Refit Enterprise I built, about 6 years ago. It looks better in green.

Have fun at work.

Bernard Guignard wrote: View Post
Very nice Looking foward to the final results

sojourner wrote: View Post
Great work as usual! I just can't get over one thing. The nacelles um, er, look un-circumsized.
Well, there were complaints before, in the other direction. Personal preference, I guess.
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