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Re: Nolan -verse update

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Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, & Bane are all too scientifically goofy to fit in Nolan's universe.
We've already seen a 600 year old man and a guy who's skin was bleached by acid get reworked to fit. There's no reason why the same can't be done with the other villains. That said, I've never held out much hope that we'd ever see villains like Freeze or Poison Ivy. It's a shame too because I've always wondered what they'd be like in Nolan's universe.
I'd love to see a "Nolan" Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy (no Bane please). I never cared a whole lot for Poison Ivy (and mind you, I don't know her fromt he comics at all) but I thought she was cool in the Arkham Asylum game and would like to see how she'd be done.
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