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Re: Sonya Walger: Genre babe of the week #11 (April 2010)

RogerWaters wrote: View Post
Thumbs down - She can't even look happy, how much fun could she be?
Seems a lot of people have been making that statement about her, yet I do know many of those same people slobbered all over Megan Fox (and still do) yet she rarely smiles, but has a bared teeth look. That, and her crooked mouth does her no favors.

One of Sonya's qualities that many of you don't see is the warmth in her eyes. She may appear stoic, but when she does break out into a smile (to me) she lights up the room.

Either way, I'd take a real woman like her over some fake young thing who smiles so often that I can't believe it to be genuine. And, as another poster point out, Sonya has some nice, real woman curves unlike most of the sticks people here drool over.
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