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Well, I figured this one could have a thread to it's own, now.

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While you're getting started on the saucer... may I reccomend you move the arboretum up there? It could free up some room in the engineering hull for... engineering stuff. And there's already plenty of space to spare for the crew in the saucer as is, as many posters here could likely attest.

I'd reccomend the saucer rim, the B/C deck bulge or the spot originally indicated for the rec room by The Probert (LINK).
I think I might just add a second set of big square windows on the back rim of the saucer, like where the rec room is located on the right side. I can texture one set as the rec room, and the other as an arboretum.

Here's where I am as of tonight...

I think it's coming along nicely. I was able to stick the torpedo bays above the nav dome, where one of the old spotlights would have been.

More to come...
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