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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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For what it's worth, we're probably going to delay filming the Klingon bridge scenes this weekend. We've received some interest from folks in appearing as Klingons, and we're seeing if we can work something out.

Today, Producer Ricky Thompson and I met with the local college drama instructor who will help provide us with talent for our episode. It was a VERY positive meeting, and we're excited by the prospect. Several of her students will be cast as bridge officers, and others will help with operating the boom mike, digital video camera, sound recording and even make-up.

Also spoke with the local theatre group's manager, and he's got several recommendations for other actors. Two, in particular, who are a husband & wife team, may be the perfect Klingons for us, but we'll see.
This an excellent idea. I'm glad to see someone doing this.
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