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Re: Is it me or does TNG look really bad on dvd?

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They sell that bootleg on Amazon?
Amazon has thousands of secondary market sellers these days, who all link their catalogues through Amazon's search facility. Any US citizen buying so-called "international" or "regionless" versions of TNG are buying illegal Asian bootlegs. (US versions are marked Region 1. UK versions are marked Region 2. Australasian versions are marked Region 4.)
Exactly, and my purchase was several years ago. I just didn't know any better. It was cheap, and the discs allow me to watch the series, but the packaging is enough to make me want to throw it through the window.

I have the proper releases of DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, so TNG is my little red-headed stepchild. Appropriately, I often beat it and verbally abuse it.

You should see the list of the "Stars" of the show prominently displayed on the back of the box:

Corey Allen
Gabrielle Beaumont
Robert Becker
Tom Benko
Cliff Bole
Timothy Bond
Rob Bowman
David Carson
Chip Chalmers
Richard Compton
Les Landau
Robert Legato
Paul Lynch
Joseph L. Scanlan
Robert Scheerer
Jonathan West
Robert Weimer
Michael Vejar
Patrick Stewart (Hey, they actually got one!)
Alexander Singer

I mean I know most of those names, but they certainly are not stars of the show.

Damn Asian bootlegging bastards!!!

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