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Re: "Revenant" Questions/Discussion - Spoiler Alert

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1.) It was rather vague towards the end of the story, just who it was that put Carson and Walsh up to using the Celtic's crew members as 'test subjects'. Was this left deliberately vague? Are we to infer that this was possibly an experiment undertaken by Section 31? Or, maybe a foreign power?
I considered Section 31 aswell. But then Carson referred to "the Feds," which I didn't think a S31 agent would do since they consider themselves part of the Federation. So I guess not.

2.) Whoever the unknown party was that I asked about in the first question --> what was their ultimate goal? Were they trying to create, as the story put it, a 'weaponized' version of Borg drones, usable as disposable soldiers?
Which was why I though S31 - they tried to do the same with the Jem'Hadar, sending Ethan Locken to try to reprogram them. It didn't work with them, so they tried another bad guy.

3.) Are the events of this story what led to the more aggressive/violent disposition of the Borg encountered in "Greater than the Sum", and later TNG novels? The end of the story tells us that Reed, Locarno, and Massey voluntarily underwent assimilation, with the intention of finding out who it was that put them in this situation to begin with. Is it this events that cause the new and aggressive disposition of the Borg encountered later?
As Christopher said, I don't believe it's related. Which makes me question why the story had to be placed at this particular point in time, if it had no relation. But I do believe they would be absorbed by the Caeliar gestalt.

4.) Why in the sam-heck would these people have voluntarily undergone assimilation? There were several points in the story where many of the characters completely reviled being assimilated, and I believe that they even referred to becoming a drone as "worse than death" at some point. I guess they figured that since they had already been infected by nanoprobes, that assimilation was a foregone conclusion. But, I would think that, given their earlier attitudes, they would be more likely to commit suicide, instead of voluntarily submit to assimilation. This confused me greatly.
Well, it's certainly not a perspective I can empathise with. But as I understood it, they saw it as the only possible way to survive. They knew that Starfleet had standing orders to destroy this ship no questions asked. These are not Starfleet officers, they are people who are used to taking chances and wheedling their way out of every situation. I don't think they're the kind of people who would think it was better to die than surrender.
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