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@withers: oh man, how much did it bother you seeing seven of nine climbing jeffries tube ladders in high heels. I could understand the producers putting women on the show in heels, but she was the former borg!! No other women, or men (that I noticed), ever wore high heels on the show. ugh.

@therin: It seems like they took the 'quick change' theory into account still after they ditched the mini-dresses. Remember when Microcosm when Janeway gets back to the ship, goes to engineering, strips down, and loads up on guns? It took her all of 30 seconds (and was hot :P).

We also saw picard in his leather-topped 'command coat' uniform thing starting in season 5, I think? Might that be just one of the many ways one could wear their uniform, or do you think it was special captain's privileges? Maybe he was just getting old and everything was too cold for him. Maybe he shoulda just moved to Florida...

(oh and sorry about the VOY references, is that kosher?)
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