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Thank you a lot. That totally clears things up.
In TOS, the controversial mini dress worn by the female crew was essentially co-designed by Grace Lee Whitney, who'd complained to William Ware Theiss that she hated having to wear Sally Kellerman's hand-me-down black slacks in pre-publicity photos and wanted to express 1960s (and 23rd century) femininity by wearing a spacesuit that showed off her legs. (Similar to how womens' libbers made political statements by wearing mini-skirts.) In fact, the Starfleet uniform dress is not a mini "skirt" at all, since one leg is actually wrapped by fabric. A divided skirt, similar to culottes.

For TNG, the in-joke was that, this time, the so-called "skant" (short pants that appear to be a skirt) would be worn by both sexes. Several males are seen wearing skants in "Encounter at Farpoint".
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