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Re: Dog breeding in the age of Starships

I figured you'd change your mind once you knew her name. Though SHE would say the same of TZ, because HER universe's Tora Naprem is NOT a nice person. Not at all. (Personality-wise, though, the irony is that I see the two Ziyals as close in personality...the differences are a bit more subtle than their parents, but you'd notice.)

Now, on subject...I don't imagine that "dogs" of different planets, however similar in appearance, would be able to breed because I suspect the retrovirus that created compatible humanoids was designed JUST to do that--create humanoids. Other stuff isn't in the plan, I don't think. On the other hand, I think that IF there were any stretches in the various "canids'" DNA that were at all compatible (since in the Trekiverse we have to assume that DNA and RNA are the "universal" genetic information carriers for carbon-based life forms, based on what we've heard on the show), you might see some people on non-Federation worlds do some genetic engineering to bring alien traits into Earth dogs. I suspect that sort of work would be frowned upon in the Federation, due to the stigma against augments, and also the concerns about upsetting the ecosystem.
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