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Re: long waits on Netflix

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Okay, I think I can declare the first phase of the experiment a success. Next phase: redistribute my DVDs from being 2 from the Long Wait specific profile to 1 for each profile. Will Netflix only send DVDs from my regular profile, or give some consideration to the "other guy"?
What do you mean? Put only one long-wait title in your phantom profile and see if they send you?
Yeah, like this:

Profile 1 - no Long Waits - 1 DVD assigned
Profile 2 - all Long Waits - 1 DVD assigned

Do I get one from Profile 1 and one from Profile 2, or two from Profile 1?

Actually, Angels and Demons is offered via fact, most of the new releases are it seems to me...
Not according to my queue. These recent (or fairly recent) releases are not offered by streaming: Inglorious Bastards, The Hurt Locker, 9, Up in the Air, Afghan Star, The Informant!, Up in the Air, This is It!, The Princess and the Frog, Brothers, An Education, My One and Only, Zombieland, The Damned United, Where the Wild Things Are, The Cove, A Serious Man and Precious.

There are several titles in my queue offered via streaming, but mainly they are TV series and older movies, and nothing I'm in a big hurry to see. The high-demand movies that get Long- or Very Long-Waited for me are never the ones offered by streaming (probably because the streaming option mitigates demand for the DVDs).
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