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'Trek Nation' trailer

Roddenberry has finally finished the film and today Roddenberry Productions has launched a new promotional website along with a new trailer.
[Running time :2:30]

For the past few years Roddenberry and director Scott Colthorp have been hard at work distilling all the footage into a film, and that work is now done.
Roddenberry Productions is currently looking for distribution.

Trailer looks good. It's one-type of documentary. It touches on a lot of things. Looks like they are saving the special '500 Hours of previously unseen video footage' for the film itself and not in the trailer...

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I gotta wonder about the legality of this. Behind the scenes footage is one thing, but there is still tromping into copyright territory if you're showing too much of some intellectual property you don't own.
I think they are talking more about how the show started and it's impact on the world. Similar to the 2 hour documentary: How William Shatner Changed the World (2005).

This will sell well on Blu-ray and DVD world-wide.
Cinema release? I don't think it would do too well commercially.
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