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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hi, I'm Elzie and I basically just got here. First off, I'm not English, so sorry for any mistakes I may do.

My first contact with Star Trek was when I was very, very young, like...4 or a little bit older. My dad showed me and my sis TOS, and I loved it! I guess I saw TOS movies 2-4 along the way, but don't remember much of it.

About a year ago we once again watched TOS all the way through, and I fell in love with it once again. And then the new movie came out, and even when didn't get the Spock/Uhura relationship, I liked the movie. We watched all the TOS movies from 1-6 and I was getting back to Trek big time.

Then (not long ago) my dad started re-watching TNG episodes. All I had seen earlier were these little glimpses, and didn't really care about it either. But since I like to hang out in our living room, I kind of...forgot all about TOS and became as big TNG fan as I could be! I'm still working on it, though. But I hope I can be forgiven; they don't really do re-runs of series like Star Trek in the country I live in, and I wasn't even born when TNG first started...(or ended).

I know only 1 other ST-fan my age, and now were trying to get my other friend intrested by showing her First Contact. (We figured it could be the best one since she likes horror movies...)

So, I'm far from being an expert on Trek but hopefully I one day will.

By the way, I've been thinking about joining this site for at least one whole week and now that I finally did I'm happy!
And thanks for the simple registering thing, I was afraid that I couldn't join because of some complicated, language-barrior related difficulty. Besides, the site seems very polite and nice.
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