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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius--The Desolate Vigil

That was a very atmospheric vision- I really felt the aura of lonliness and bitterness around "our universe" Dukat, and the way in which he cannot even find solace or meaning in "himself". He's cut himself off from all his promise, from all that we've seen through this AU that he could have been if he had taken things differently. I also like AU Dukat's preoccupation with his visionary experience and yet distance from it- the whole "was it Macet?" idea, for example, which keeps him grounded in his reality and his circumstances so as not to detract from this Dukat's status as distinct from "our" Dukat. It also underscores nicely how divergent the two are becoming- which is a good development for AU Dukat but is also to us tragic because we can see what this sundering means for "our" Dukat. He is truly becoming lost to us- and to his other self. Very effective.

I'm really interested in the vision of "our" Dukat- I have no doubt it was "accurate" within context, but I'm wondering: did "our universe's" Dukat also experience something? Was this intended as a one way lesson for AU Dukat or was it a two-way encounter, in a sense? Does Oralius work upon all Dukats, only given the cultural background and different choices of "our" Dukat he cannot hear or understand? As engaging as this AU Dukat always is, you presented "our" Dukat so strikingly I'm wondering what it was like on his end- if there was a "his end" involved. If this came truly from Oralius, I imagine there may be. I doubt there was an actual "presence" for him- I'm guessing it's spiritual and/or psychological so not exactly as it seemed to play out- but was "our" Dukat confronting possibilities in a similiar way- though rejecting the possible lessons rather than learning from them? Was his attack on AU Dukat representative of an actual internal process undertaken by "our" Dukat, an active rejection in that moment of himself and other paths he could take/have taken?

That said, I think the answer being uncertain helps the overall scene- again, it shows how "our" Dukat is being lost even as AU Dukat is finding himself, so to speak. We can see this Dukat grow into the man we already know from other "Catacombs" stories, but the sacrifice for us as readers is the uncertainty and loss of another Dukat we know who we can't seem to stop from taking himself in a very different direction to this Dukat...
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