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Re: I need some help, my computer has been taken over

Spybot used to be very good, but a few years ago when I worked in tech support it didn't seem to work on this type of malware (back then it was called XP Antivirus 2008/9) while Malwarebytes was excellent at getting rid of it. Maybe Spybot has improved since then, I don't know because once I stopped working there I stopped caring about viruses.

Antivirus/Antimalware 20XX is a horribly annoying little program, I almost wish there was a hell just so that whoever wrote it would go there. I once had to deal with a guy who was infected by it, paid to install it, paid my company to get rid if it, got infected by it again, paid to install it again, then paid us to get rid of it again. All in the space of two weeks.
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