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Re: Merlin Season 2 in the US

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Here is a link also to Michael Hirst talking about this other Camelot show that is supposed to be about sometimes.
Yep, looks like it will be crazy fun. Direct link to article.

Hirst promised that the lust, betrayal and excitement of The Tudors will be replicated. “The more extreme I make it, the closer it will come to reality,” he said.


Some critics and historians criticised The Tudors’ scriptwriters for taking liberties with events, character names and relationships.

The producers always responded by pointing to the huge audience ratings, and explained that their mission was to entertain not to inform.
That's the spirit! Anyway, there's no "correct" way to tell Arthurian legend, so the crybabies won't be a problem this time around (though I'm sure there will be battles over someone's favorite interpretation of the story being disrepected.)

I think they might be smart however to get on the ball with same day streaming releases and on demand options like Netflix and such.
Just checked - there's only pre-release S1 DVDs at Netflix. I guess they're not smart quite yet.
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