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Re: Chiron - InterOffice Memo - Hutchinson

Chiron Intergalaxy Inter Office Memo
Memo Level: Personal
Clearance Level Validation: Not required
To: S. W. Houston, CEO.
From: Calvin Hutch Hutchinson
RE: Personal Memo
Mr. Houston,

I just wanted to take this opportunity, to tell you how glad I am to be working for Chiron.
Ever since that terrible incident at the Remmler Array, where they thought I was dead, I had wondered just what I would do after my necessary departure from Starfleet due to that disabling event.

My coworker Miss Joval Delhius has been so helpful in getting me oriented into the Hospitality Division, and the trips we have taken to places, the people Ive met and talked to, has been an experience wish I had encountered much earlier.

There is one thing Id like to mention, and Joval said that I might communicate with you directly about it.
She said not to go into much detail with a unclassified Memo, so, if youd like to meet in person, or by whatever means you feel is appropriate, Im glad to comply.

Beyond that, I just wanted to take a moment to convey my thanks, and hope, for a continuing long and fruitful association with Chiron and your wonderful Staff.

Yours very truly,
Calvin V. Hutch Hutchinson
Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation
Hospitality Division
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9409b.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.

PS: Just thought Id give you a Picture of me. Its the most recent I have, sorry.
Author & CEO of Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
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