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Re: long waits on Netflix

Honestly, I think it all boils down to the Netflix scheduling system estimating if/when that title will be available based on current factors (ie sudden interest in scheduling, number of queues waiting, estimate turnaround time for copies currently rented, etc).
Yep. But if Person A has only six movies in their queue and they're all Long Waits, and Person B has those six movies and 200 more in their queue, mostly available now, then Person A will get those six movies long before Person B does - even if all other factors are equal.

And to the extent Netflix users have figured this out - and what would stop thousands of users from figuring it out the same way we have here? - they will all imitate Person A. The more Person A's there are out there, the more anyone who doesn't imitate them gets screwed.

So we should all be Person A's and break Netflix's system.

I have had no problem ever getting new releases from Netflix. Maybe its one of the benefits living in San Diego california.
I haven't been able to discern any difference in big city vs being in the sticks. Most likely, your tastes do not coincide as heavily with the tastes of Netflix's user base like mine do. The more your tastes vary from the Netflix average, the less competition you'll have for titles. My shorthand guess about the average taste of Netflix users is that they are ten million times more likely to rent The Hangover than Angels & Demons.
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