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Re: Mortal Coilů Missed the Mark?

No, what I think I was expecting was for him to stay more true to his moral code/belief structure.

The over-all rationalization of death is not easy for many people. I get that, believe me.

To rationalize your own death and (essentially) resurrection and then realize that what you expected to remember wasn't at all what you thought you'd remember must be quite near impossible.

Thing is, that's what I (note I said I) consider faith to be. Faith is believe in something you can't prove or rationalize well if at all.

So, here we have a character with a strong personality, strong convictions, who is accustomed to over coming hardship after hardship. Upon realizing that he can't remember an afterlife, he immediately falls into a super depression.

He's depressed and has a vision quest experience where his subconscious basically tells him life isn't worth living anymore.

Wait a sec...

First of all, no one was trying to treat his obvious depression that was quite possibly clinical. Where was the doctor during all of this? Playing golf? It's clear he's having problems adjusting, but no one's thought of keeping an eye on him to make sure he'll be okay? That seems dubious.

Again, I have to bring up the counseling. Even Data ran a program to talk to Freud, for goodness sake's. No one could pull a counseling program out of whatever thin air they pull all their other holodeck programs from to help him come to some sort of resolution? That also seems dubious to me.

Neelix decides life is worth living because Naomi needs him. Okay, sure... fine... what happens when she grows up or one of them leaves?
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