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Re: Mortal Coil… Missed the Mark?

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He was definitely a clingy one. Lynx can help me out here, but wasn’t that part of Kes’s reasons for breaking up with him? I know she was known to say he was being too ‘over protective’.

So, now Neelix is going to go off and find a reason for living by ignoring his guilt, pain, and faithlessness. That’s healthy.

Why not have the character have more of a crisis of faith and come out stronger? Why have him abandon it altogether?

I want to be clear that I’m not proposing that he go off on a man crusade for religion. What I am saying is that, given his characterization, it would have been perfectly plausible for him to evaluate what happened to him and see a clear light of why he didn’t see the afterlife that fell into his current belief structure as opposed to shattering his beliefs. He’s a fairly hardheaded charter. That seems more inline with his personality to me… to find a reason why and place it into his beliefs… than to walk away from it all.
Because nobody but Vulcans can rationalize death and move on so neatly.


Neelix has grow up his whole life consumed by his families death, how was that ever healthy to begin with? You're expecting rational thought from someone that wasn't to begin with.
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