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Re: Mortal Coil… Missed the Mark?

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The potential message

Exodus wrote:
What happens after death isn't as important as what we do while we are alive here and now.
I guess that's one way to interpret what the episode tried to convey. Personally, I think it's intended to comment on the value of religious beliefs. Neelix realizes that, although his belief may be factually wrong, it did help him in many ways throughout his life. The real worth of faith hasn't anything to with how much of it is actually true, but with how it can help in certain situations. And I think the episode succeeds in getting that point across.

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... elements like the show being about Neelix [...] made the message irrelevant and the episode essentially... crap.

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Naomi Wildman being the voice of...wisdom
I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but what do you mean by that?

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Re: Vegan - not intending to offend, though I do consider it a form of vegetarianism.
No, neither is a form of the other. Both are philosophies regarding the human diet and the consumption of animal resources.
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