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Re: Mortal Coilů Missed the Mark?

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I didn't like this episode. Whatever the message had the potential to be they botched it and made it unrecognizable in the same vein that Threshold was supposed to be suggestive of the idea that evolution doesn't necessarily equate to bigger, faster, smarter, stronger. Both of these episodes had a message... it just didn't come through as strongly as the creators presumably wanted.

The potential message

Exodus wrote:
What happens after death isn't as important as what we do while we are alive here and now.
is the set up for a good episode. Unfortunately, elements like the show being about Neelix, Seven of Nine using Borg magic for the 100billionth time, and Naomi Wildman being the voice of...wisdom, made the message irrelevant and the episode essentially... crap.

"Missed the mark" is the perfect way of describing what happened here.

That's your opinion.
I disagree completely.
Neelix' whole persona is about struggling to survive, enduring and not taking stuff for granted.
Everything he did was to remind the crew how good they had it dispite being lost and far from their families.
He had to remind Seven what a privilage it was to have written records of her parents.
He had to show Be'Lanna that being Klingon should be a cherished part of her heritage.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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