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Re: Mortal Coilů Missed the Mark?

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Thing is… if he was waiting for the moment of his death to be happy and he didn’t really care about what was going on around him, I don’t feel he would have created the bonds with the Wildmens to begin with, you know?

I mean, if he really was only waiting to die, then why bother to continue to live to begin with? Why fight for survival this whole time? Why not just fly into a black hole and be done with it?

Also, Lynx, vegan is short for vegetarian.
Survivor guilt.
Living was his self punishment for not being in the war to either save them or die with them.
As fasr as his turn araound time, Neelix is good at putting up a front about his feelings.
He was over it on the surface, the panic attack he has over Niomi in "Once Upon a Time" shows those feelings are still there under the surface.

BTW, my understand is "vegan" & "vegitarian" are two different things.
A "vegan" doesn't eat any animal products. No meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, etc.
A vegitarian eats no meat but does still eat eggs, milk, etc.
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