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Re: Mortal Coil… Missed the Mark?

Adm_Hawthorne wrote: View Post
What’s worse is that no one really counseled him. I don’t consider Chakotay’s “let’s go on a spirit adventure” to be a counseling session on how to deal with what Neelix experienced.
Well, I guess the fact that no-one counselled Neelix may have something to do with there not being a counsellor on the Voyager.

I actually felt it was kinda natural for Chakotay to be the one who decided to see after Neelix.

teya wrote: View Post
The pathetic thing is, I don't know of any Native American tradition that includes vegetarianism. Eating meat is part of the cycle of life. Turning NAs into vegetarians is Jeri Taylor slapping her New Agey nonsense on us.
Huh, why must Chakotay's vegetarianism be a part of him being a Native American? It's certainly not established like that in the series.

Adm_Hawthorne wrote: View Post
Also, Lynx, vegan is short for vegetarian.
Not sure whether you are joking, but no, vegan sure is not short for vegetarian.

Smiley wrote: View Post
"Mortal Coil" does succeed in making the audience ask some of the big questions. Neelix's attitude shift may seem a little extreme, but I chalk it up to him being an alien who is on a 45-minute show.
Agreed. Having Neelix doubting his belief system was just the means of telling a more important story. And I think the episode did this rather well.
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