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Re: HP's competition for the iPad!

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It's like an iPad... that you can plug a thumb drive in to... Awesome!
And do multiple things with at once, and probably even actualy change the batteries on when they die for good (rather than backing up personal files and shipping your device away and being without it for a several weeks while your multi-hundred dollar battery change takes place.)
Well, for one, there is no battery replacement. If the battery is going, apple replaces the entire ipad. Takes about a week, you mail it to them, they mail a new one back to you.

As for the multiple things at once, all things point to multitasking being in the new iphone os 4.x which is being announced Thursday, with roll out some time late june or early july.

This HP device looks a little more like it in this market for portable computers.

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DH's comparisson of this device and what maks a "true" device of this nature with the metric of TNG's PADD is... silly. And, IIRC, even PADDs had removable storage in the form of the Isolinear Chips.
it wasn't really an easily removable item on trek's padd, and we have nothing comparable with the concept of isolinear chips at this point either. The only thing in the works that I know of at this time is Phase-change Memory, which uses a form of glass as the memory but we are still a ways of from it being a practical flash replacement. But it does show promise.

But even of they didn't they had the advantage of being "networked" with the Enterprise computer so anywhere on the ship, and presumably anywhere in the Federation, a person with a PADD could accsess their personal files. With the iPad, saving an internet file-storage service there's no way to get a personal file from your PC to the iPad (that I am aware of.)
There are already apps out there that let you access your home computer remotly over the internet from both your iPhone and iPad. This one seems to be the most popular from what I can tell. Works with both mac and windows computers.

So if the HP "PADD" can have a flash-drive connected to it that gives it a huge advantage over the iPad, a person can move his files from the computer to the "PADD" without having to go through the extra step of putting the file onto a web service and then download it with the iPad.
You can direct transfer files to and from the iPad via wifi or bluetooth from any wifi or bluetooth equipped device... No real extra steps there. And with remote access apps there is no need to transfer any files to the device to access them to begin with.

And, where is it said that devices like these can't have USB ports, headphone jacks or things of that nature?
the iPad has a headphone jack. I never said they couldn't have USB, just that for what these new devices seem to be targeted at doing, usb ports are an "extra" above and beyond it's core design intention. A want, not a need. And I have no problem with a wants being accessories sold separately, which I can buy to add an added feature to my devices. You don't always need "everything and the kitchen sink" built in to a device.

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Um, define a true "PADD"?

I don't think the comparison should be to a fictional Star Trek PADD, I think the comparison should be the to the iPad, which is its clear competition.

IF the specs you posted are correct, then it seems like it will compete very well with the iPad. Certainly it has the capability to have more features than the first gen iPad.
I'm not comparing it to the trek device, I just think that the trek nomenclature is correct for this new field of device. It is a Personal Access Display/Device. Not a true computer, like netbooks, tablet pc's, UMPC's ect. It is simply an electronic device which primary function is to allow access to media and content, with limited on board storage primarily for native applications and short term storage of media content for off network access, from a central "library" computer, media server, or the internet.
Why would I want a device like that when I could have one that does the same thing but is also built well for storage and has flash drive capacity? What's the point of matching a device to something that you think could be cool when you can make it do even more?
First off, no one is telling you you should want such a device. My questions are as follows, Why would you need such a device to be built for such high storage when it doesn't need it thanks to remote access? Is flash drive capacity necessary for a library computer access device? Why do you need a device to do more than it's designed to do, I mean is your car amphibious? Does your microwave make and dispense ice as well? Will your refrigerator heat your dinner?

The iPad really is a remote access device, not a storage device, not a "mini computer", not a laptop replacement.
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