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Re: Ratoukhit the Cardassian Riding Hound

OK, here's a newer version with a bit more work on the shading in the face area.

I'm still trying to decide what to do with the chest/body area. I do not think the second "inverted teardrop" shape will be visible, because I did some research on where the canid heart is, and at least in my own world where you see that shape is very near to the Cardassian heart.

I'm trying to decide how much the scaling patterns on the body should match the Cardassian one (best seen here) and how much should be unique to the riding hound...

Oh, and to Rattrap, I definitely considered what you said about the eyes, and tried to change them some. That said, I think the effect of the eyes will probably be like you see in the Husky or Malamute breed of dog, because I intend for the hound's eyes to be blue or grey...fairly light. Think this looks a little better?

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