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Re: HP's competition for the iPad!

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So, some of the specs and price for this new HP is leaking out:

1.6GHz Atom processor
32GB of storage on board storage
8.9-inch, 1024x600 screen
5 hours of battery life

The only real negative that I see here is the battery life.

One of the things that truly has surprised me about the ipad is its battery life. I assume when they said 10 hours battery life that would be for things like music or reading. But I've managed more then ten hours playing video off the same charge, that amazed me. And I was reading a review site of music of being over 30 plus hours with 70% charge still left.

The storage size on both device doesn't really bother me, as no single unit is ever (at least not any time soon) going to come close to 4 TB I currently have backup. But unless your personal needs are heavy on apps (mine aren't but everyone's different) I would think in most cases (and certainly with the battery life shown above) that unless you were playing a ripped bluray media 32 should be fine.
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