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Re: long waits on Netflix

I chose the first three to show that "old as dirt" is a lie or an exaggeration.
Yeah, the only problem titles are the ones that are both new and highly popular mainstream movies like The Hangover. Those titles you listed aren't highly popular. The lack of popularity of Angels & Demons (which did decent box office) also suggests a refinement: that "highly popular" is according to Netflix's demographic. Not really mainstream America, but the snotty urban intellectual elite. If your tastes matches that groups', and you send back DVDs quickly, Netflix has got your number.

Unless you use the Phantom Profile dodge. Just returned another DVD, and yet another Long Wait "miraculously" became available.

Okay, I think I can declare the first phase of the experiment a success. Next phase: redistribute my DVDs from being 2 from the Long Wait specific profile to 1 for each profile. Will Netflix only send DVDs from my regular profile, or give some consideration to the "other guy"?
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