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Re: HP's competition for the iPad!

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So, some of the specs and price for this new HP is leaking out:

1.6GHz Atom processor
32GB of storage on board storage
8.9-inch, 1024x600 screen
5 hours of battery life

So, it's basically a touch screen netbook, and not a true PADD.
Um, define a true "PADD"?

I don't think the comparison should be to a fictional Star Trek PADD, I think the comparison should be the to the iPad, which is its clear competition.

IF the specs you posted are correct, then it seems like it will compete very well with the iPad. Certainly it has the capability to have more features than the first gen iPad.
I'm not comparing it to the trek device, I just think that the trek nomenclature is correct for this new field of device. It is a Personal Access Display/Device. Not a true computer, like netbooks, tablet pc's, UMPC's ect. It is simply an electronic device which primary function is to allow access to media and content, with limited on board storage primarily for native applications and short term storage of media content for off network access, from a central "library" computer, media server, or the internet.
Why would I want a device like that when I could have one that does the same thing but is also built well for storage and has flash drive capacity? What's the point of matching a device to something that you think could be cool when you can make it do even more?
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